Wanderer in the woods.

Kas Graves

A bit quirky. A bit romantic. A bit okay.


I am a very sleepy person in need of a creative outlet. Follow along as I dirty notebooks, write my novel for the sixth time, and declutter both my house and my mind. And also nap. There will be lots of napping.

Currently, I am doing most of my planning in the Hobonichi Weeks planner (first picture, middle notebook). It is a planner that comes from Japan and features Tomoe River Paper.I bullet journal in an a6 Leuchtturm notebook (first picture, right notebook). This is where a lot of my deeply personal writings go, so I won't be sharing it often.I do morning pages, reflections, and common placing in a Traveler's style notebook system (first picture, left notebook). A Traveler's notebook holds inserts into a cover using elastic bands, so they are easy to customize and switch out notebooks.Currently, I'm using a notebook insert that I designed myself (second picture). It features square grid pages with page numbers and margins (see third picture). I am testing out the paper inside this notebook to see if it would be worth selling to people who may be interested. Keep an eye on my shop for updates on when I sell these Traveler's notebook inserts.The pen I generally use is the Pilot Juice Up pen with an 03 tip, but I am now experimenting with an EnerGel pen with a .3 Needlepoint tip. I heard EnerGel ink dries quicker, and therefore, has less smearing. I'll post updates on Instagram and Tumblr with how well I get along with it.For more information on how I use this system, feel free to follow me on Instagram and/or Tumblr where I update regularly with pictures and explanations of how I use these notebooks.